Kegel Exercises and Their Benefits for Men

Kegel Exercises and Their Benefits for Men

Urinary incontinence and impotence are not problems associated with age that can not be solved. The Kegel exercises are the healthiest choice and cheap you can do to hold longer without going to the toilet to urinate and to enjoy good sexual health.

In the 1940s, Dr. Arnold Kegel proposed exercises to his patients. In 1948 he published his discovery in the article ” Progressive resistance exercise in the functional restoration of the perineal muscles “.

Although Kegel’s results were tested by women, lately, its success has also been demonstrated among men.

Kegel’s recommendations of the 1940s to his patients were the basis of the Kegel exercises practiced by thousands of men today.

Kegel Exercises and Their Benefits for Men

Kegel exercises for urinary incontinence

Men who have undergone a prostate operation or other pathologies tend to suffer from weakness in the urinary sphincter.

In this area, the pelvic floor muscles affect. These are responsible, among other things, for emptying the urethra by reflex action after urination.

With this type of exercise and healthy food, men can concentrate better, strengthen the muscles of the lower part of the bladder and control the urge to urinate.

Beyond urinary function, these muscles also help to avoid sexual impotence.

Kegel exercises for erection problems

Male people who reach a certain age have problems maintaining long-lasting erections.

The muscles of the pelvic floor not only serve to keep the bladder and sexual organs in place. They control the urge to urinate and improve sexual function.

In the pelvis are the bulbocavernosus muscles, which surround between 33% and 50% the base of the penis. Muscles that prevent blood from escaping during an erection and that pump during ejaculation.

These muscles play a fundamental role in sexual relationships. Any exercise that reinforces them improves performance.

Practice the Kegel exercises

To effectively execute the Kegel exercises, you have to locate the muscles that need strengthening.

One of the best ways to do it is when you are going to urinate. For the flow of urine at half urination. Do not tense the muscles of the buttocks, legs or abdomen. If you can completely cut off urination, you will have found where the muscle is that you have to strengthen.

Some men find these muscles from imagining that they are preventing a leakage from escaping. Tightening these muscles provides a pulling sensation. These are the muscles that you should reinforce in pelvic exercises and not others.

If you can not locate these muscles, you will need to learn biofeedback. It is a technique that helps control involuntary functions of your body. It is a therapy that prevents and treats different conditions such as headaches, chronic pain, incontinence, and high blood pressure.

Kegel exercise chart for men

In the case that you have already detected what these muscles are, you should go on to do the following Kegel exercises for men:

  • Contract the muscles slowly counting to five.
  • Relax the muscles, little by little, for five seconds.
  • Repeat ten times both the contraction of the muscles and the relaxation of them.
  • Practice all these exercises three times a day.

Although Kegel exercises can be done standing, the first time it is recommended to do them lying down. This way, your muscles will not have to fight against the force of gravity.

In the beginning, it may be easier to contract the muscles for two or three seconds, instead of the five.

After several weeks of exercises, it contracts and relaxes the pelvic floor muscles in ten-second cycles.

Combine Kegel exercises with other techniques

To increase the strength of the pelvic floor muscles and improve sexual performance do not stay only with these movements. Improve the results with others such as stretching or jelquing , a natural technique to enlarge the male member.

To further strengthen the pelvic area, you must perform different stretches, apart from the Kegel exercises:

  • Lift each of the buttocks separately to harden the area.
  • Stretched on the floor, flex each leg separately and lift them to you individually. You must exert a slight pressure towards the chest, without reaching the pain. Try not to lift the pelvis off the ground.

Thanks to Kegel exercises, you will be able to solve your urinary incontinence problems and fully recover sexual function.

These movements that you have met in this article are better known among the female audience, but also offer numerous benefits to men.

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